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Learn to safely handle all types of firearms and engage Targets at Long or Extreme ranges by people who compete and train for it, give us a call.

Smashing steel at 1950yds in Raton, NM
Course Fees & Calendar

A comprehensive list and offering of the courses Extreme Tactical Canada provides. We also offer our clients a list of possible combination choices at a discounted rate. Come and find out when our next class dates are.  We are based in Williams Lake, British Columbia but we do class instruction across the province. We hope to hear from you and see you soon!

Canadian Firearm Courses

You must be over eighteen years of age to acquire a firearms license but anyone from twelve to eighteen can acquire a minor's permit to allow them to possess a firearm for target or hunting purposes. A minor can update their license when they turn eighteen and no other testing is required.

About Extreme Tactical Canada

Terry is a certified federal instructor who has 12 years of instructional experience teaching PAL & Restricted courses. Terry and daughter Cassidy actively compete and qualify annually with IPSC BC. They also compete and qualify in Long Range Rifle competitions. This is not only something he enjoys educating others about but something that is part of his everyday life and happiness. He has honed his talents and knowlege so much that he competes on the national level and provincial level as an individual and part of the Canadian F-Class teams at ranges up to 1000 yards.

Terry & his daughter also respond to friends and ranch owners to help with predator control that include both small and large game. He also enjoys organizing familiarization shoots, and practices upon request for groups and companies.

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